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About enterprise ALJ-Samarqand, Koncern

Today the ALJ-Samarqand concern is one of the largest enterprises in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Strong business connections with a number of global manufacturers of various equipment are established. Recently the concern closely cooperates with Lyaolinsky group of companies on deliveries of modern technological lines C by the Russian Federation, Belarus, South Korea, Italy, Turkey and India the ALJ-SAMARQAND concern cooperates in area of deliveries of the gas-balloon equipment, with Armenia - on supplies of equipment for gas gas stations on the compressed gas, with Kazakhstan and Tajikistan - on export of a brick, with Israel creation of the joint medical center, and also on deliveries of the modern medical equipment and techniques of medical examinations. Concern today it: - the Wide range of production of construction materials, decorative products, realization of the liquefied and compressed gas, installation of the gas-balloon equipment, construction - Stationary and mobile AGZS, broker services, installation and construction works and many other things. Charity with the emphasis on: - Help to children; - Support of culture, art and religion, as a contribution to revival of spirituality in Uzbekistan; - Support of science for preservation of intellectual potential of Uzbekistan; - Help to disabled people, elderly and most vulnerable segments of the population; - Development of physical culture and sport, participation in the organization of various competitions; - Support of makhally. - the Republican scale of activity and an extensive network of branches in the Samarkand, Tashkent, Navainsky, Surkhandarya, Khorezm, Kashkadarya and Bukhara regions


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