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Mainly shchelochnozemelny
- Filtration, refining, bleaching of oils and fats
- Cleaning natural and sewage
- Himechesky production (cleaning of intermediate products)
- Isolation and absorption of radioactive and other toxic waste
- Production of pesticides and related to them products
- Production of fertilizers
- Fillers of plastic
- Production of glazes and enamels
- Production of ceramics
- Potter's production
- Production of sanitary products
- Production of a roofing tile
- Production of a front brick
- Production of blocks and forms
- Production of mineral fibers
- Glass production
- Catalysts
- Improvement of agrotechnical properties of the soil
- Biosimulator of growth of farm animals
Mainly alkaline
- Boring solutions
- Foundry productions
- Forage productions
- Waterproof screens
- Emulsifiers and stabilizers
- Cleaning of wines, juice, vinegar, beer and so forth.
- Production of the knitting materials,
- Production of lubricants
- Production of bentonite
Only shchelochnozemelny
- Poglosheniye and recycling
- Dehumidifiers
- Expanded clay
Only alkaline
- Okomkovaniye of iron ores
- Production of dyes
- Medicine, pharmaceutics, cosmetics
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